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The newsletter is sent to every member and to guests for three months after their first visit. It contains DVOS news, growing tips and other items of interest. Here are some excerpts of articles from our newsletter.

We are going to try putting up the complete newsletters in .pdf format.  You will need to load the Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html, this will allow you to see the newsletters in full color.

If you're having trouble reading the newsletters, please make sure you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader 5.0 installed, something seems to be different with the new provider and I've had trouble getting past the first page with version 4.0.

Jan 2019   
Dec 2018   
Nov 2018   
Oct 2018   
Sept 2018   
Aug 2018   
July 2018   
June 2018   
May 2018   
April 2018   
March 2018   
Febr 2018   
Jan 2018   Pictures of Holiday party
Dec 2017   
Nov 2017   
Oct 2017   Pictures of Orchid Extravaganza DVOS October Show& Sale 
Sept 2017   Pictures of auction and greenhouse tour
Aug 2017   
July 2017   
June 2017   
May 2017   
April 2017   
March 2017   
February 2017   
January 2017   
December 2016  DVOS Board Slate 2017
November 2016  Pictures of show
Sept 2016  
Aug 2016  
July 2016  
June 2016  No newsletter only May spaeker review
May 2016  
April 2016  
March 2016  
February 2016  
January 2016  Pictures of DVOS Holiday Potluck
December 2015  
November 2015  
October 2015  
September 2015 Pictures of August BBQ & Auction
August 2015 Title page shows the wrong month.
July 2015
June 2015
May 2015
April 2015
March 2015 Pictures of POE 
February 2015
January 2015  Pictures of DVOS Holiday Potluck
December 2014  
November 2014  
October 2014  
September 2014 Pictures of BBQ & Auction
August 2014
July 2014 Article on how to flask at home with  everyday tools
June 2014 Article about Carnivorous plant presentation
May 2014   
April 2014   
March 2014   
February 2014   
January 2014  Pictures of the DVOS ChristmasParty
December 2013  
November 2013  
October 2013  
September 2013 Pictures of BBQ & Auction
August 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013
March 2013 Pictures of POE 
February 2013
January 2013 Pictures of the DVOS Christmas Party
December 2012
November 2012
October 2012
September 2012 Pictures of the DVOS annual picnic  & auction
August 2012
July 2012
June 2012
May 2012
April 2012
March 2012
February 2012
January 2012 Lots of pictures of the DVOS Christmas Party 
December 2011
November 2011 Pictures of the DVOS Show & Sale
October 2011
September 2011 Pictures of the DVOS annual picnic & auction
August 2011
July 2011
June 2011
May 2011
April 2011
March 2011 Mounting Orchids
February 2011
January 2011 New layout, Pictures from DVOS Christmas Party
December 2010 Pictures from Myo Wa En, Japanese World Peace Garden & Alan Koch's Gold Country Orchids
November 2010 Pictures of "World of Orchids 2010" DVOS Show & Sale. awarded plants and many others
October 2010  Recommended temperature range for orchids
September 2010  Photos from BBQ & Auction, DVOS Show -Exhibition Rules and Schedule
August 2010  
July 2010  
June 2010  
May 2010 Pictures of green house tour  
April 2010 To pictures of Mary’s Orchids of Borneo and manyother: http://picasaweb.google.com/navbo123
March 2010 How to Prepare Your Plants for Show.  Also Pictures of DVOS display at POE in San Francisco "Carnaval"
February 2010   
January 2010  Pictures from the Christmas Party
December 2009  
November 2009  
October 2009  
September 2009 Pictures from the BBQ and Auction 
August 2009
July 2009
June 2009
May 2009
April 2009
March 2009
February 2009
January 2009 Pictures from the Christmas Party
December 2008
November 2008 Pictures from the "World of Orchids 2008" DVOS Show & Sale
October 2008  
September 2008 Pictures from the  'orchid roundup' picnic and sale
August 2008  
July 2008
June 2008
May 2008
April 2008
March 2008 Tips on how to grow better orchids.  Recap of Alan Koch's talk. 
Pictures of DVOS display at POE in San Francisco "Orchids Gone Wild"
February 2008
January 2008
December 2007
November 2007
October 2007
September 2007
August 2007
July 2007 Sources for potting materials
June 2007 Pictures of potting party and of Mt Tamalpais native orchid walk
May 2007
April 2007 Several potting mix recipes
March 2007 Pictures of San Francisco show
February 2007
January 2007 Many pictures of the Christmas dinner
December 2006
November 2006 New newsletter format by Liz Charlton & Jamie Wasson 
October 2006 New editorial team: Liz Charlton & Jamie Wasson 
September 2006 This one is pretty large 2.6 MB due to all the photos of the picnic/auction
September 2006 I took one page with pictures of the picnic/auctions out to reduce the size, still 2 MB
August 2006
July 2006
June 2006
May 2006
April 2006
March 2006 San Francisco Orchid Show review with pictures (800K file so be patient).  Here's an enhanced version of the newsletter for printing or for those with a high speed connection (better quality pictures, 2.25MB file).
February 2006 Compressed version of the February newsletter.
January 2006
December 2005
November 2005
October 2005
September 2005
August 2005
July 2005
June 2005
May 2005
April 2005
March 2005
February 2005
January 2005
December 2004
November 2004 DVOS Show and Sale report
October 2004
September 2004
August 2004
July 2004
June 2004
May 2004
April 2004 Rob Florey takes over as editor
March 2004 Review of the SFOS show - DVOS takes top honors again...
February 2004
January 2004 Places to get stuff you won't have thought of.
December 2003 Catasetums: Soon to be America’s Favorite Genus
November 2003 DVOS Show results
October 2003 Details for the DVOS Show
September 2003
August 2003
July 2003 Profile of Scotty Young, growing tips from Alan Koch from Gold Country Orchids.
June 2003 Paph.  culture tips, new life members.
May 2003 And the supplement.
April 2003
March 2003 SF show results, DVOS gets first place (again!).
February 2003 Instructions for the SF show.
January 2003 Kathy Barrett takes over.  Lots of recipes.
December 2002 Mark Rotter says goodbye as editor.  Charlotte Leong's notes on protecting orchids from extreme temperatures when the power goes out.
November 2002
October 2002 Yummy Recipes: Colcannon
September 2002 Culture Corner, mounting orchids by Charlotte Leong
August 2002 Member Profiles: Bernice Lindner and Marlene and Floyd Lundquist
July 2002 Member Profiles: Dick Emory
June 2002 "Orchid Birds" by Frank Fordyce
May 2002 "Culture Thrills" by Frank Fordyce
April 2002
March 2002 Growing tips for Phragmipediums and SF show results and pictures
February 2002 Recipes and Christmas party pics
January 2002 Saving Orchids
December 2001
November 2001
October 2001 BBQ incriminating photos
September 2001 BBQ Report
August 2001
July 2001
June 2001 Dennis Olivas - The Untold Story
May 2001
April 2001 "What is a botanical?" by Thomas Brown McClelland
March 2001 Pacific Orchid Exposition report and pictures, "Orchidizing" by Frank Fordyce and more "Hints and Kinks" from Kathy Barrett.
February 2001 "Should I specialize in one species" by Frank Fordyce and "Hints and Kinks" from Kathy Barrett.
January 2001 Now in .pdf format
December 2000 Now in .pdf format
November 2000 Now in .pdf format
December 1998 Growing tips.
November 1998 Importing Orchids part 2 and November growing tips.
October 1998 Severin greenhouse visit, growing tips.
September 1998 Nathalie Smith interview, growing tips.
August 1998 Dick Emory interview, growing tip "A Light Meter That You Didn't Know You Owned".
July 1998 Importing Orchids, growing tips and an interview with Pauline Brault.
June 1998 An interview with Frank Fordyce.
May 1998 Rick Sumner interviews Bernice Lindner, Indoor/Outdoor Group News, growing tips and a report from Dennis Olivas' GH in Half Moon Bay
Dave Altman's
Culture Tips
3 part series from May, July and August 1999.

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