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Next Meeting is on Thursday, July 14th, 7:30pm -10:00pm

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Contra Costa Water District Building Board Room
 1331 Concord Ave. Concord, CA

Ernesto Sandoval: Plant Hormones and Why Our Plants Look the Way They Do!

Have you ever wondered why your plant has a sudden burst of growth after transplanting? Or how the plant 'knows' to grow new parts when pruned or how a cutting knows to make new roots? Find answers to these questions and others about why your plants grow the way they do during this informative but not so   
technical presentation by Ernesto Sandoval, Director of the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory.


Ernesto Sandoval has been wondering and seeking questions to why plants look the way that they do for a long time.  Now he explains and interprets the world of plants to a variety of ages and experiences from K-12 to professionals and Master Gardeners.  He regularly lectures to Garden Clubs throughout the year and particularly to Succulent Clubs throughout the State and elsewhere since that group of plants is his particular passion whithin his general passion for plants.  He describes himself as a Jose of all plants, master of none.  Ernesto thoroughly enjoys helping others, and gardners in particular, to understand why plants do what they do.  Orchids, because of the way they grow are of particular fascination with him.
When he was about 13 he asked his dad why one tree was pruned a particular way and another tree another way.  His dad answered bluntly "Because that's the way you do it."  

Since then he's been learning and teaching himself the answers to those and many other questions by getting a degree at UC Davis in Botany and working from student weeder/waterer to Curator/Manager over the past 24 years at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory.  He's long left the "mow, blow and go" monoculture landscape gardening world and has immersed himself in the world of polyculture and biodiversity by growing several thousand types of plants at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, many of them orchids.  He loves the technical language but prefers to relate information in more understandable methods of communicaiton!  By helping people to understand the workings of plants he hopes to help us better understand how to and why our plants do what they do.

Plant Table
will be provided by Yunor Peralta

Speakerís Dinner before the meeting is at 5:30 pm at China Lounge (Sichuan Fortune House), 41 Woodsworth Lane, Pleasant Hill. 

Everyone is welcome to attend and meet our speaker. Please notify Eileen Jackson eileen.jackson@att.net by July 13th for a reservation.

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