1.  Any current DVOS member may check out books and other materials from the DVOS library.

2.  Materials may be checked out for a period of one month, or until the next general meeting.  If unable to return materials by due date they may be returned to any board member or officer, or contact the librarian for possible extension.
A fee of $ 1.00 will be assessed for each month a book is overdue for return.

3.  The borrower is responsible for full replacement cost of materials that are seriously damaged or not returned.
        NOTE: Many books go quickly out of print and replacement may be difficult and expensive.

4.  To check out a book, sign and date the book card found in pocket inside front cover. Place card in file box next to book display. Remember to fill in the due date on form provided inside the front cover. Magazines are signed out in red folder (no file card) and are due in one month.  Cards for videos are found inside the case.

5.  When returning books, please be sure that librarian notes the return and removes your name from the corresponding checkout card.

6.  The library selection available at each meeting is limited by physical transport capabilities. Attempts are made to rotate materials and to have available materials that correspond to the current speaker subject.  Please contact the librarian in advance of meeting date to request specific materials. Current librarian is Phyllis Arthur. Her number is available in member directory.  Or send an e-mail to

Your suggestions for additional materials to expand our library offerings are appreciated.

See the current library list sorted by Author or by Title.

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