Frank Fordyce

Bulletin Number Title
1 AOS Cattleya Small Talk
2 AOS Communicating With Your Cattleyas
3 AOS Guidelines for Purchasing Orchid Plants Via Mail Order
4 AOS Hybridizer's Notebook - 1: The Importance of Observation
5 AOS Limited Editions in Orchids?

  6 AOS  

Miniature Cymbidiums
  7 AOS   Progress Depends Upon Curiosity
8 AOS Pygmy Paphs
 9 AOS  Sophrolaeliocattleya Hazel Boyd - An Experiment in Red
10 AOS Splash-Petal Cattleyas - Colorful Clowns of the Orchid World
11 AOS Tips for Growing Miniature Cattleyas
12 AOS The Changing Face of Orchid Plant Merchandising 
13 AOS In Memoriam: William John Tonkin Jr.
1 Brassocattleyas... From Hybridizer's Viewpoint
2 Do Cymbidiums Require a Shock to Bloom?
3 Why Aren't More Cymbidium Seedlings Being Introduced?
4 Is Air Movement Required in Greenhouses?
5 Laeliocattleyas .... Flamboyant Peacocks of the Cattleya Alliance
6 What Should a Hobbyist Look for in the Purchase of Seedlings?
7 The Well-Travelled Road to Red Cattleyas
8 The "All American Orchid", Leaf Fall - What does it mean?  pH -what is it?  by Frank Fordyce & Bob Adams
9 Will Plastic Pots Replace Clay? 
10  Should I Specialize in One Genus?
11 Should the Hobbyist  be Concerned About Virus?
12 Giant Steps for a "Tiny" Cymbidium
13 Think Small  ... and discover the might of miniature Cattleyas
14 An Historical Orientation and Commentary On Orchid Potting Media
15 Profile:  Frank Fordyce
16 A Look at Laelia Anceps and its Modern Hybrids

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