DVOS 2004 Show and Sale Results

Best in show
Bc. Donna Kimura
Exhibited by Barbara Tague
Also got Best Cattleya
(Sorry no photo) Best Artistic Entrant
Blc, Morning Glory - photograph
Exhibited by Joan Wraxall
Best Commercial Display
Fordyce Orchids
Best Cypripedium Alliance
Paph. Bernice
Exhibited by Dave Tomassini
Best Dendrobium Alliance
Den. Stephen Batchelor
Exhibited by Bernice Lindner
Best Educational Display
D&D Orchids
Best Odontoglossum Alliance
Odcdm. Golden Trident 'Golden Gate'
Exhibited by Akiko Ogawa
Best Pleurothallid Alliance
Masd. Macchu Picchu
Exhibited by Frank Drake
Best Species and also Best Miscellaneous Genus
Dendrochilum magnum
Exhibited by Kathy Barrett
Best Vandaceous Alliance
Vanda Dr. Anek
Exhibited by Bob Van Galder


Finally found the list of judges in no particular order:
Kathi Ames Linda Daraskavitch Bernice Lindner
Brenda Aday Ray Vickers-Traft Diana Vavrek
Sybil McGowan Jill Chambers Brian Wraxall
Akiko Ogawa Fred D. Jernigan Francisco Baptista
Alexis Pardo Joe Grillo Dennis Olivas
Susan Fetter Renate Johnson

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